Note that this is an existing block that already contains a photograph and external link.Next I add the new photo, resize it and adjust the supporting text.

They replied that they had no record of such a blog. Webnode has been unavailable throughout the entire process. have the address linked to my facebook since 2015..why do I have a back up of the Website with my blog at that address on Webnode.....? Microsoft support is asking me questions that I have been sending to webnode, but they haven't responded. The last two years, 2017, and 2018 I've experienced many site performance problems.

But, I have used version 48.0.2 well before the time of these mysterious failures to incorporate edit changes and I never experienced a problem.

Besides the same text block works properly everywhere else on the site except the editorial page where I filmed this event.

The only way for you to know that the website got suspended is trying to look at the website itself because they'll remove it completely from your created webpage library.

So if you run multiple webpages, then good luck with that. I might go back to wix because this kind of a joke.

Read my report on Webnode censorship here: https://

lipi=urn:li:page:d_flagship3_profile_view_base_post_details;p ETk UHqt Rcqc IU/En U2i NA== when some thing wrongs comes in mind of them they start blaming, from last 07 yrs my site working with them, every year they blamed me i am doing spamming & link farming like things, I m govt registered & it is safe & secure any one check my site any time i am doing affiliate work from this site, but they suspended my site unneccessary & after lots of requests they reactivate my site & told me stop affiliate work from this site, Its humble request to stay away from them, they are really are rippers & cheaters.

In response to this review, this user's website and account were closed down because this user broke the Terms and Conditions of Webnode's services on multiple occasions.

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