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A hostname is simply a unique name that can be made up and is used to identify a unique computer in the LAN.Also, the name should not contain any blank spaces or punctuation.

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Most importantly, the domain name of choice should not be accessible from the Internet if the above constraints are strictly enforced.

Lastly, to obtain an "official" domain name you could register through Inter NIC, Network Solutions or

Of course, you are not limited to 128 computers, as there are other ranges of IP addresses that allow you to build even larger networks.

There are different classes of networks that determine the size and total possible unique IP addresses of any given LAN.

An IP address is composed of four octets (numbers in the range of 0 to 255) separated by decimal points.

The IP address is used to uniquely identify a host or computer on the LAN.

Linux is increasingly popular in the computer networking/telecommunications industry.

Acquiring the Linux operating system is a relatively simple and inexpensive task since virtually all of the source code can be downloaded from several different FTP or HTTP sites on the Internet.

For example, a computer with the hostname Morpheus could have an IP address of

You should avoid giving two or more computers the same IP address by using the range of IP addresses that are reserved for private, local area networks; this range of IP addresses usually begins with the octets 192.168.

You can pretty much name your LAN anything if it has a simple dial-up connection and your LAN is not a server providing some type of service to other hosts directly.

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