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Students transferring to the North Carolina public school system from another state or from non-public schools are added to initial enrollment.

Initial enrollment is not reduced by transfers, withdrawals, deaths, or midyear graduations.

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The final Average Daily Membership is the total days in membership (NVIO) for all students over the school year divided by the number of days school was in session.

Average Daily Membership is a more accurate count of the number of students in school than enrollment.

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There are nine reporting periods, with months 1 and 2 required to be 20 school days each.

Average Daily Membership (ADM), Average Daily Attendance (ADA), Membership Last Day (MLD) and Initial Enrollment (E1 E2) are derived from this report.This information provides the core of the data used in evaluation, planning, allocation of funds, and measurement of compliance with Federal and State regulations.The basic pupil accounting form used in North Carolina is the Principal's Monthly Report (PMR).The Principal's Monthly Report (PMR) contains enrollment, membership, and attendance information.This data is retrieved from the student information system (Powerschool) by NCDPI at the end of each school month for nine months.The MLD tab contains all LEA Membership Last Day data in spreadsheet format.

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