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The open-source industry needs profitable champions to demonstrate success and attract funding and participation in open source, according to Red Hat's CEO.

The open-source industry needs profitable champions to demonstrate success and attract funding and participation in open source, according to the chief executive of Red Hat.

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For those who suffer chronic neck and back pain The Alexander Technique really helps.

I attended Diana for sessions after a traumatic mugging incident.

Her sense humour and acerbic wit, coupled with her insight and laser-like clarity make the whole transformation experience a joyful one.� Diana brings laughter, wisdom and sanity to the serious work of self discovery and transformation I well remember the day I walked into the room and found my husband, actor John Arnatt, flat on his back on the floor. Developed by an actor, the Alexander Technique is a must for any performer and I was soon hooked.� Diana Mac Lellan is an amazing teacher, who not only has the skill to rejuvenate all those tense muscles but makes everything so simple.� I was soon practising what she taught me and found it a tremendous help presenting concerts and on my broadcasts.

I have known Diana Mac Lellan for 25 years and I can highly recommend her as an experienced and knowledgeable Alexander Teacher.� Diana has acquired excellent benefits to her teaching ability, by having had private lessons with many of our first generation and senior teachers of the Technique, this is reflected in her gentle guidance, as a skilful and subtle teacher.

Please read testimonials given by clients Diana has worked with on The Alexander Technique, Body Talk Evaluation, Presentation Skills and Training.

I was highly recommended to see Diana by one of my patients.

In 1984, when I was on location for one of the Miss Marple series, I overheard two actors talking about The Alexander Technique and the way it got rid of tensions.� I was beginning to get stiff, and walking was getting difficult, so I thought I'd try it.� I went to see Dr Wilfred Barlow, who put me on to Diana Mac Lellan.� I've been seeing her regularly ever since - and I'm not stiff - nothing hurts - and it's lovely!

I have been regularly attending Diana's Alexander Technique and Body Language lessons for the last two years.

I was in pain and emotionally fragile.� Life was becoming difficult and I was retreating into myself.

After several visits over a period of time, I have become calmer and grounded and much freer from outside pressures.� The whole experience was very transformative and long lasting.� I have become balanced and much more able to cope in all social situations.� My day-to-day life had been transformed.� I owe Diana a huge debt of thanks and I could not recommend her more highly.

In my vast experience, I truly consider her as the top end of excellence in combining physical and linguistic techniques.


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