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READ MORE: Check out our comprehensive guide on the best gay and lesbian dating apps of 2019.The 2016 Census revealed that Australia’s gay community is a highly educated bunch; 45% of same-sex couples indicated that they have a Bachelor degree or higher compared with 29% of people in opposite-sex couples.You probably know a few couples that seem to fit together perfectly; the ones that get along like friends, but have that extra spark that keeps them connected as a loving pair.

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Because you know, you'll need a place to catch a queer hottie's eye, or maybe even get to know each other over a few cocktails before heading back to their place.

Data on women who've had sex with women, men who've had sex with men, LGBTQIA population, and the HRC's equality index are weighted a bit heavier than the number of married folks, cost of drinks, and the number of bars.

If you’re a gay single in Australia, you might get the feeling that it’s difficult to meet people outside your usual social circles.

This sentiment is something lots of singles share; oftentimes people become comfortable in their friendship groups and tend to lose out on meeting fresh new faces.

So, according to the numbers, the top 15 cities for gay dating are: Some of the cities who made the top 15 cut aren't shockers at all: the sparklingly liberal Los Angeles' the West Coast gay capital, San Francisco; and the South's gay capital, Hotlanta. Louis, and San Antonio, may be a little surprising. Specifically, they're nestled in regions of the South that, historically, have been a conservative and not super welcoming to LGBTQIA folks. And studies like these offer hope that yes, times are a-changing.

If you and/or your queer friends are looking for gay safe dating haven, for a rowdy swipe-filled weekend or indefinitely? And even if you're living in a lower-ranked city for gay dating such as Las Vegas, Boston, Philly, Miami, or the Big Apple — and are simply pricy craft beers or running out of queer folks to swipe on — Bespoke Surgical's dating rankings can steer you in a more fruitful direction.

Happy, committed relationships are always based on genuine compatibility, so gay dating with Elite Singles is all about being connected with the right fit for you.


  1. But today I don’t regret ever making that decision, the reality is nobody’s ever ready for this responsibility, but you just make the best out of the moments.

  2. If the attraction is mutual, then the app will set you up with a 7-day chat window and icebreaker.

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  4. Plentyoffish is 100% Free, unlike paid dating sites.

  5. However, their faces are not quite as pretty as Colombian or Brazilian women.

  6. Many rooms are set up with interactive products, so members can use sex toys, such as Oh Mi Bod.

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  8. Given that HRW’s own state is the one that has been carrying out serial wars in violation of the UN Charter, the exclusion of this primary cause of human rights violations in itself compromises any neutrality the organization may claim to observe.

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