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My chief complaint is getting flirts from women who would then either not respond or only respond with a short sentence and not offer any relevant content or even mention their name.This seems very contradictory and aroused my suspicion that something was not right.The New Jersey accent finished fifth — tied with Canada’s at 7 percent.

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However, whenever I canceled my account, a disturbing pattern would emerge. But while my account was canceled, suddenly I was getting all of these messages from attractive girls.

I could pay for three months of membership and expect maybe one girl to message me first. The first couple of times this happened, I fell for it, and signed up again. I am convinced that the site attempts to lure you back with fake messages. So, I have cut ties with the site, asked for my profile to be deleted and will never sign up again.

As usual, their rep on this site, Hannah D has given her usual response "I dont know who you are, please email us".

Yeah okay, why didnt i think of that I joined in March and he joined in April.

They love it when you tell them you’re from Noo Yawk.

A survey of the sexiest accents by dating site ­says the sound of sharp-talking New Yorkers is an aphrodisiac — especially to women hearing it from guys.Big Apple residents scored second overall with the 2,000 men and women surveyed. It tells me he’s full of confidence, forceful but not rude, maybe a little arrogant,” Penny C., a 22-year-old student from Toronto, told the Post. It draws you in.” Charlotte Angus, a 33-year-old Manhattanite, ranked the New York accent more attractive than her native Boston brogue.“I get a hoot out of listening to the construction workers,” said Angus. New York ranked sexiest among 16.5 percent of those asked — with women twice as likely as men to think so.Of course you can stop your payments , just cancel the recurring billing you set up. I eventually just blocked their future attempts via Pay Pal AND my bank, and also am pursuing a legal case regarding refunds for the past year. lol Thank you team without y'all I would never have found my pet.Thank you As a man living in rural N Dakota, I was so excited to find this site. However, and 4 months later, this man is happier than I could ever have imagined. It's also worth noting that everyone I spoke to contacted me first, and really liked my profile then vanished. Terrible customer support (non existent) and bad website design. Always loved a British accent and now I guess I will hear it every day :) My love was living in Yorkshire while I was here in San Antonio TX. Unlike almost everyone else, I had used other dating sites.. This one was the only site I actually found genuine females so much so that after 6 months and I have met a wonderful girl from Lewisham London.I will also take every opportunity to post a review like this so other people know.


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