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If the child doesn’t already have their own Microsoft account, you can select “Get a new account” and create one.You can also just create a Microsoft account online and sign in with it here.You can choose either “Child Defaults,” “Teen Defaults,” or “Adult Defaults.” You can also select “View Details & Customize” to tweak the settings in more detail.

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You won’t be able to manage the account if its user is 18 years old.

When a child account turns 18, all of the restrictions are automatically removed, and it gains full access to manage any child accounts in the family.

The child can then select your parent account to request access.

You’ll need to enter your password, indicating you’ve provided permission for the child to access the normally restricted content.

This uses the game, movie, TV, music, and app age ratings.

You can also hide images and demos of mature-rated games on the store, and prevent them from appearing when the user account searches.

You’ll see the “Ask Your Parent to sign in” screen if you’re signing in with an underage account.

Select “I’m an adult.” You’ll then need to select your parent account and provide its password to finish adding the underage user.

This works similarly to the parental controls in Windows 10.

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