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On June 20, 2019, the NBC morning show shared a celebratory video on air showing special moments from throughout the show's history to mark 25 years on the air.

While the five minute video shared a number of iconic moments from the show's run, fans were quick to point out that Lauer, who served on the show for 20 of its 25 year run, was notably missing from the clips.

The announcement, which came via an internal broadcast to CNN employees according to Page Six, appears to have been a direct result of Lauer making a rare public appearance at Zucker's birthday celebration in April.

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I know there were serious issues with Matt Lauer and his conduct is not to ever be condoned, but all “families” are flawed in some way. History shouldn’t be erased— Richard Iniguez (@riniguez23) June 20, 2019 Lauer wasn't the only former face of the show to be omitted from the anniversary, though.

Viewers also noted that Ann Curry, who served as Lauer's co-anchor from 2011 to 2012, also did not appear in any of the clips chosen for the anniversary.

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