Chat request from alexandria - Mcafee 8 0i not updating

Have you tried modifying the schedule to the current time to see what is actually happening when the update takes place? If you manually select "Update", does the update fail or succeed?

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-I successfully applied service pack 16 for Virusscan 8.0i but that didn't fix it either -I tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling 8.0i and that fixed the problem. I supected malicious code (virus, trojan, etc) but haven't been able to find anything.

I've been installing Virusscan 8.7i on all the affected computers, but it doesn't tell me why 8.0 failed and that leaves me feeling a little uncomfortable. PLease let us know of your status and issue the points to the right answer...

I haven't tried that myself, but you can do this at https://com/apps/downloads/my_products/login.asp? Sorry, also that VSE8.0i is officially EOL as from December 31, 2009, so plan that upgrade now so you won't be in the same boat again.

I've experienced the exact same problem with several computers except mine all stopped updating on Feb 2, 2009.

You might start by actually reading some of the above links as they clearly explain the problem, particularly If this is also the solution to Peretz Stern ACC's problem, then I think your comment ID#23712387 should be flagged as a solution. Hey guys, It has been more than 10 days that we didn't hear from our friend here.

page=content&id=KB60060&actp=search&searchid=1235403639507 This should not have been a shock and Mc Afee did delay this from 23rd November 2008 to allow people to get their installs in order.

We currently have about 25 desktops running Mc Afee Virus Scan Enterprise v8. Learn how to calculate your overhead burden using our free interactive tool and use it to determine the right price for your IT services. The odd thing is that by looking at that screenshot it gives the impression that the update was successful. Also, go into the DAT folder for your Mcafee installation and delete all the update files then try to run the update again. I use Mc Afee Virus Scan 8.0 as well on 15 of my customers. I think Mc Afee may have decided that 8.0 is now "too old". Followinf the link that Mestha displayed, your current engine is still supported. it's not clear when the engine (5300) will stop on being supported.

I noticed that after 2/12/09 the Auto Update is not updating. it's the previous version (5200) that isn't supported anymore as of January 09. I guess the only option now is to work on a script which will update the AV until we decide if we should upgrade or move to Symantec. It doesn't go end of life until the end of the year.

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