Mcafee epo updating external users

7 Distributed repositories placed throughout your network host your security content locally, so agents can receive updates more quickly.

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9 Automatic Response notifications are sent to security administrators to notify them that an event has occurred.

Until you create additional policies, all computers are assigned the Mc Afee Default policy.

When Super Agents receive this Wake-up call, they send broadcast wake-up calls to all agents in their network broadcast segments.

The process is: To deploy enough Super Agents to the appropriate locations, first determine the broadcast segments in your environment and select a system (preferably a server) in each segment to host a Super Agent.

After you create one or more new policies, you can select a different default policy for your account.

In the future, new policies will be prepopulated with these default settings, and the new default policy is assigned to new computers (if no other policy is selected) and groups whose policy is deleted.

The first time you create a new policy, the Mc Afee Default policy settings appear as a guideline.

This enables you to configure only the settings you want to change without having to configure them all.

Once an agent is deployed to a system, the system can be managed by your Mc Afee e PO server.

Secure communication between the server and managed system is the bond that connects all the components of your e Policy Orchestrator software.

The figure below shows an example of how your Mc Afee e PO server and components inter-relate in your secure network environment.


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