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I ended up calling Mc Afee to have them walk me through the process. ------------------------------- EPO –Software Install (in this example it’s an AV version update) To push AV update to the entire network or an AD subgroup in the system tree(NOTE: First follow the software check-in procedure to register the software package with EPO that you will be working with and pushing out.

I do not document those steps here) 1) Select MENU drop-down in upper left corner of EPO menu.

2) Expand group and double-click on the individual system that you wish to update.

I've inhereted a Mc Afee EPO system at my new position and need help !

I don't have any experience with e Policy Orchestrator and I need to push out an antivirus and antispyware update to all the workstations quickly prior to an audit.

Select ‘System Tree’ – then highlight the group you wish to update.

2) On the top of this window select ‘client tasks’ tab.

11) DATES: Select date range (not selecting an end date is okay).

12) SCHEDULE: Select ‘Repeat Between’ from picklist and choose time interval that will create the smallest impact on your network bandwidth and PC utilization during biz hours.

3) At bottom of this window click the ‘new task’ button. 5) Select TYPE: ’Product Deployment’ -or- ’Product Update’ for updating definition DAT file 6) TAGS: leave at default ‘send this task to all computers’ 7) On the ‘Target Platforms’ window, select Product & Component picklist and then locate your software program on the list and select it (product will be in pick list if it has already gone through the EPO checked-in procedure).


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