I know for sure I told quite a few people about this flaw but can't quite remember exactly who.


So I logged in as Sarah who had a different account then changed a few things in the URL and bingo I was able to see my account details including address, passport number, etc.

Now from what I remember I couldn't get the password, but I could change it (which I did).

According the the guys, romance is thematically “dangerous territory” in games, which I originally took to understand as a financial risk in that it’s not a theme that typically interests gamers.

But based on the games themselves, it seems really difficult technically to create an experience of love and romance that feels “real”, or at least realistic.

Your nervous system can’t tell the difference between anxiety caused by the repeated failure to solve a puzzle and the pressure to virtually get married. One of the hosts, Sean Bouchard, expresses an ongoing interest in narrative game design, and romance-themed games seem to cater more towards that touchstone of coherence than games that require less emotional attachment.

He introduced GNS theory in Episode 6, and romance-based games (at least the ones they played) seemed to rely by default on narrative largely to the exclusion of game and simulation.

According to many Slashdotters there calling bullshit.

But in the past I've also seen how easy it is to exploit BA's online system.

So “Meta Dating”, the You Tube series hosted by Sean “Day[9]” Plott and game developers Bill Graner and Sean Bouchard, is apparently coming to a close.

Not going to lie, I’m feeling tragic and roughly anarchic about the whole thing, and there’s some impressive lobbying going on to keep it.

But I’d speculate that commenting on these game by watching playthroughs is roughly equivalent, at the level of experience, to reading a novel, so it’s from that perspective that I’ve started commenting.


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