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It was produced by Millennium Television and later Southern Star for the Nine Network, premiered on the Nine Network on 8 August 2001, becoming one of the most successful series on Australian television as it was met with critical acclaim.

On 23 October 2017, Posie Graeme-Evans announced she had ended negotiations with Nine as there were creative differences for a new series, but hasn’t ruled out potentially crowd-funding her project.

Posie Graeme-Evans developed the idea for Mc Leod's Daughters in the early 1990s for her company Millenium Pictures in conjunction with the South Australian Film Corporation.

She developed the idea from stories from friends who grew up in the country and from the love of South Australian landscapes as shown in the paintings of Hans Heysen.

Graeme-Evans pitched the idea to the board of the Nine Network who agreed to film a telemovie in March 1996 with Jack Thompson starring as the father Jack Mc Leod, whose death leads to the two half-sisters (portrayed by Kym Wilson as Tess and Tammy Mac Intosh as Claire) inheriting the property.

In addition to Logie Award nominations, it has received an APRA Award for its music.

For the entirety of the show's run, the music has been composed by Chris Harriot and Alastair Ford.John Jarrett had a recurring role as Killarney station hand and Meg Fountain's love interest, Terry Dodge.Following the third season, the series took a different direction as main cast members began to depart, with a high cast turn-over occurring throughout the remaining years."We know how much everybody loves Mc Leod's Daughters, it's an important part of our heritage."Nothing is commissioned, or set in stone." A mysterious tweet from two former stars of the series had fans in a stir at the prospect of a revival this morning.The soundtrack was written by Graeme-Evans and Harriot, with lead vocals being provided by Australian singer-songwriter, Rebecca Lavelle.


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