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His eyes narrow and he barely mumbles back in response to his then-fiancee Mackenize Standifer. She turns off the cameras that MTV places in the vehicles of all cast members but the audio remains on and she can be heard asking if Ryan took Xanax.

Maybe even more disturbing than the fact that Ryan endangered his and Mackenzie's lives plus the lives of innocent people on the road that day was that soon after the episode aired Farrah Abraham's ex Simon Saran tweeted: "I wonder if I should talk about *Kiki giving Ryan pills during shoots or save that for another day?

Fans quickly came to understand that each mom got paired with her own producer and crew.

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You will never be enough.” The trailer ends with Rachel confronting the tension between her and Nick’s mother.

“If Nick chose me, he would lose his family,” she says.

Jeremy Calvert was Leah's second husband and they share daughter Addie together.

Jeremy's post-divorce, sometimes-girlfriend is Brooke Wehr and it was Brooke who tossed the allegations of unfaithfulness on Instagram towards Jeremy and Mandi, who has a boyfriend of her own. Too bad he f****d the producer @mandi06," Brooke wrote, tagging Mandi. I should have listened.” Jeremy has come clean about his cheating but Mandi remains steadfast in her denials. She doesn't even produce Leah/Jeremy's segment of the show.

Maci Mc Kinney said that it was much easier to film because "there wasn't some big elephant in the room that we couldn't talk about." But this new look came with new drama - from the producers themselves!

If they're going to assume the roles of cast members, we guess that's to be expected.“You really should have told me you’re like the Prince William of Asia,” Wu’s character says. “I’m much more of a Harry.” It quickly becomes clear Nick’s mother (Michelle Yeoh) isn’t the biggest fan of her son’s girlfriend.At one point she tells Rachel outright, “I know you’re not what Nick needs.” Later she says, “I know this much.Fans also got to meet some new "cast members" with this relaxed approach to the show.The producers who used to hide behind cameras and clipboards were now in front of the cameras, interacting with the girls and their families just like any regular cast member.Breaking down the fourth wall refers to actors acknowledging the fact that they are being filmed.

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