Mike the situation who is he dating

fans got a good look at Sitch for the first time since he surrendered himself to authorities, and he's looking very different.The pictures were uploaded to his social media by wife Lauren, who visited him along with his other MTV co-stars.It's the MVP reunion the world didn't know it needed.

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fans would like to see, if only to show the full story behind Mike's transformation.

A man who was once the franchise's greatest villain of sorts has made a genuine turnaround thanks to his sobriety, and has reportedly even been helping other addicts through their issues on the inside.

Hopefully, the celebration of new life will inspire Vin to squash whatever's going on there. She called her beau up and told him that she overheard her coworkers mentioning how he wanted to split, but, of course, he denied it.

Regardless, Paula started crying on the phone, which made Mike feel bad.

"I think it was, like, 'I'm proud you're yourself' or whatever it was. I think that deep down inside, he's not comfortable with it himself possibly.

As per the family, the family accepted him right away."During the episode, Maximo said he wanted his brothers to understand him and give him the respect he feels he deserves.star looks extremely happy to see his wife and friends, which isn't too surprising given what he's been through.Still, even Vinny had to call attention to Mike's excitement in the photo via Instagram, saying he looks happier than he does.News he has no problem with his brother's sexuality."The first time that he had come out of the closet, I bought him, like, a plaque, Mike said.also known as The Situation, is an American television personality.


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