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If you would like to create your own startup project, choose C# console application from the list of available templates.After that you can use Visual Studio productivity tool Power Commands to copy references as shown in the image below and paste them in your project.

The following snippet is used to create the object: The Worksheet object is a member of the Worksheets collection.

Many of the properties, methods, and events of the Worksheet are identical or similar to members provided by the Application or Workbook objects.

In addition, there are a lot of excellent Add-Ins such as Power BI.

With such functionality and the ability to use VBA, you may ask yourself why we need Office extensions.

To check the installation, start Visual Studio, create a new project and be sure that Office templates are present as shown in the image below.

Office projects are divided into Office and COM Add-ins.

In this article, Darko Martinovic demonstrates how to use C# to create several automation solutions, including custom add-ins.

Office components such as Excel or Word, have a powerful GUI, with many options to automate everyday tasks.

Excel provides a Sheets collection as a property of a Workbook object.


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