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Missy Elliott recorded a tremendous success in the music industry and such success came with money.She sold over 30 million copies of her albums, embarked on several tours, and has written and produced beautiful tracks for many artists.

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At a point in her career, she focussed more on her songwriting and productions while still featuring other acts in their tracks.

She has also acted in several movies and made appearances in several television shows.

There is no current record of whom Missy Elliott may be dating, (either male or female) though she has made known her desire to bear a child of her own, we are curious to know how she intends to achieve this considering she is not in any known relationship yet.

Hiphop artist Katrina Laverne Taylor, better known as Trina was born on December 3, 1978. Everyone in the Showbuzz talks about these two having a thing.

Missy Elliott is not straight when it comes to her sexual orientation; she is bisexual and has accepted it.

She is alleged to have been in a relationship with more women than men.S Marine officer, and Patricia Elliott, a power company dispatcher.As a child, Elliott was part of the church choir where her inert desire and ambition of being a performer was born.E in 2006, which is a collection of the best singles from way back.In all, the iconic rapper has to her credit 74 singles, 6 studio albums, 3 compilation albums, and 20 music videos.The album made it to the Billboards and got several nominations including a platinum certification.


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