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One day she loses her mobile phone at school, and although it turns up later on a shelf in the library, Mika discovers that some creepy student has gotten to her gizmo first, and has apparently says Mystery Boy, Despoiler of Mobile Phones. Mika agrees to meet him on the rooftop after class, and – surprise, surprise, it’s Bad Boy Hiro, he of the bleached hair and skin piercings!!! But pure, sweet, freaked-out Mika rejects the offering and bolts, calling him a (LMAO) But later that afternoon, Mika sees Hiro PLANTING THE SPURNED FLOWERS in the school’s flower bed, and this melts her trusting little kokoro!!! They grab her and zoom off, and next thing Mika knows the van stops beside a poppy field (or whatever)! Furious tracks the thugs to a darkened warehouse (of course! (tsk tsk) (Well dammit, Hiro shoulda just stiffed the skank, gotten himself arrested, and spent the rest of his life in the slammer, end of story let’s all go home.It appears that Mystery Boy wants Mika (and her phone) AAAALL to himself. Feeling a little guilty about her earlier rebuff, she stops for a chat, and in joyful response he takes the garden hose and points it at the sun!!! Hahahaha) But it turns out that ALL THE HORNY LITTLE CREEP wants to do is play hooky… The door slides open and Mika gets out and they chase her into the meadow, where they line up and have their way with her amid the flattened red flowers!!! ), hops off his dinky little bike (but since he’s wearing a BLACK LEATHER JACKET he’s obviously invincible!! Alas, whoever wrote this stinker of a tale just didn’t know when to stop.) So Mika goes home and bravely tries to put the trauma behind her.that was is what high-schoolers go through these days??? She later spams him with text messages about how she won’t give up on their love and all that sad, desperate sh*t, and even tries to lure him back into the library hoping to trigger memories of their lusty little interludes in the General Reference section, but he never comes!!! And then there’s something about Mika discovering Hiro’s blue diary (!!! Few productions can out-makjang the makjang, but Koizora manages to do just that! This doesn’t mean that the societal evils and hot-button issues tackled in Koizora do not exist; my beef is with the overweening treatment these topics are given in the film: there’s no real gut-wrenching gravitas to the story, only a glib artificiality to the plot contrivances – as if the writer were pulling randomly from a grab bag of Horrible Things, hoping to meet some sick boo-hoo quota.

Despite that library scene foreshadowing Mystery Boy’s sociopathic obsession with Mika, the movie is still relatively pleasant up to this point, as the two youngsters spend every day of their vacation talking about everything under the sun, as teenagers are wont to do: e.g. (Hahahaha) They celebrate their Promise of Love (at the Dolphin Bay, lol) by makin’ s’MOAR whoopee ON THE LIBRARY FLOOR, between the . (Hahahaha) At least Mika’s parents approach the teen wedlock issue more realistically (i.e. Fast forward to Christmas Eve, and Mika’s on her way to her dead baby’s shrine at the Flowerbox of Regret, when she sees Hiro there (!!! When Koide Keisuke proposes to her the following Christmas Eve, who does she bump into at the flowerbed/shrine but Nakamura Aoi, who reveals (finally!

The two kiddos are so consumed by lust they don’t even bother to find a dark nook somewhere (although this is a high school library, so I doubt there’d be dark nook for.. are supportive but with reservations, in contrast to Hiro’s folks’ blithe acceptance), but capitulate anyway under the earnestness of their daughter’s bright-eyed impregnator with the normal-colored hair. ) that Hiro’s been sick *rolleyes* (Well at least the end’s in sight now, yay.

This drama wouldn’t work so well without the one-two sucker punch of a mini-version of the Yui-Ryo characters OTP. She just wants so much dough she can hand select her greasy European hottie, have her own private jet (this very important to Wakaba), and a penthouse apartment in Manhattan. Dart out of the door and start calling every major firm in Tokyo and lining up interviews. In case it’s not obvious, Hinata lurves Emitaro, Shota’s equally doofy son. Wakaba has work to do, so Shota gladly offers to watch Hinata at his place of employment along with other kids. She gives it her all, and there is no possibility or room for failure in her vocabulary.

Get ready to squeal like stuck pigs over Hinata, the five-going-on-twenty-five little girl Wakaba is hired to baby sit as prerequisite to getting her dream law firm job, and Emitaro, the son of Shota (played by Ryo), the dreamboat of little Hinata’s heart. Oops, too bad at the opening gala party for her new job, the firm goes under. She did graduate top of her class and passed her exam with the highest score. Wakaba says “I don’t acknowledge the existence of lemons! Shota is impressed, and I think this is where his heart thumps an extra beat for go-getter Wakaba. And we have achieved kissage at the end of episode 1. Zenkai Girl is just such an easy drama to watch, with bits and pieces of story and characters integrated to create an absorbing storyboard.

and 3) Can you do it again and again until you make the transition to Hot Single Dad/Elder Statesman roles? ha,ha,ha) We all know how a 24-year-old Kimura aced RDST in Long Vacation back in ‘96 (and no, Asunaro Hakusho doesn’t count, hahaha.

eeewww geeks hahaha); ditto Tsumabuki Satoshi in the contemporary classic, Orange Days in 2004 (although fans may argue that Lunch Queen in 2002 was the real turning point).

So she goes through a little adolescent angst, gets her heart broken for the first time, experiences the requisite coming-of-age pangs of Puppy Love? Our naïve little heroine finds love, all right – plus a whole sh*tload of complications, some even of the criminal variety (tsk tsk). The movie starts out innocently enough: A twenty-something Mika (Aragaki Yui) looks out the window of a train reminiscing her First Love, who may or may not still be alive, but whom we can safely infer is no longer in her life.

This ain’t a nice teen romance, but a day visit to the JUVIE PSYCH WARD. Mika’s voiceover: “If I had not met you that day, then I would not have experienced that pain and sadness… Flashback to high school, with Mika as your typical dreamy-eyed freshman who is just discovering the untold joys of pink lip gloss and the opposite sex. (and on her otanjoubi, he sings to her in this high-pitched voice that manages to be both creepy and LOLtastique at the same time, hahaha. you may be 9324934x better looking than them Johnnies, but you sing just as bad hahaha)…

The world was so young and innocent back then, tsk tsk. Mika doesn’t see much of Hiro, he won’t return her calls etc etc, then her friend throws a party which turns out to be nothing more than a teen orgy of sexdrugsrocknroll in some garret, and oh oh oh – Hiro’s also at the Alas, it can only mean one thing: Bad Boy Hiro is BACK!!! ) So later that night while everyone’s passed out on the floor, some stoned creep starts to grope Mika, making her flee to the bathroom. It diminishes their tragedy and loss while insulting the intelligence of the movie viewers, who are actually expected to believe that — the story started dumping green slimy buckets of misery on them both, like they do to celebrities at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.


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