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Hawaii has the largest number of interracial newlyweds today. The next city with the largest number of interracial marriages is Las Vegas, with 31% of married couples being interracial.

What percentage of recently married black men have a spouse of a different race?

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Whether it’s learning crude Hokkien words from him or making him watch trashy Bollywood films with me, the cultural differences make the whole relationship more interesting.

He’s benefited my life in many ways, from seeing a TCM doctor without worrying about the language barrier to knowing what’s best to order at Swee Choon.

Today 's society is much more accepting of interracial marriage. According to a study conducted by Pew Research, 6.9% of the adult population is biracial.

Just a little more than 25 years ago, 63% of nonblack adults opposed interracial marriage. This is slightly elevated from the estimate provide by the Census Bureau, but the study takes into account the heritage of each adult, not just their self-reported race. Mildred and Richard Loving were the first white man and African American woman to marry despite the law against interracial marriage.

Initially, my father didn’t want me to marry someone from a different culture, especially of Arabic descent because of the stereotype that they’re violent.

But I knew that what I had was something worth fighting for.

Women marry someone of another race approximately 12% of the time.

What percentage of nonblack adults oppose a relative marrying a black person today?

I often get scolded for not knowing how to speak Mandarin, but he gets impressed smiles when he’s able to speak Mandarin to hawkers.


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