online indian dating games - Mrtg graph not updating

Consider upgrading to a standard conformant browser like Mozilla Firefox or Opera but also Apple's Safari or KDE's Konqueror for example.

It may also be that you are looking at a mirror page which did not copy the CSS for this page.

There is also a number of language bindings for RRDtool which allow you to use it directly from Perl, python, Tcl, PHP, etc.

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Normally when using graph, xport or fetch the data you see will come from an actual rrd file.

See the examples directory for more ways to use this extension.

You may log data at a 1 minute interval, but you might also be interested to know the development of the data over the last year.

You could do this by simply storing the data in 1 minute intervals for the whole year.

RRDs::graphv takes the same parameters as RRDs::graph but it returns a pointer to hash.

If RRDs::error does not return anything then the previous function has completed its task successfully.

Using a custom callback, you can supply your own code for handling the data requests from graph, xport and fetch.

To do this, you have to first write a fetch function in perl, and then register this function using .

This saves a considerable amount of startup time when you plan to make RRDtool do a lot of things quickly.

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