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Especially the dramas seem one-sided, with clear-cut characters and predictable plots. The characters portrayed are complex and conflicted, nevertheless I found myself able to empathise with every character on the show, maybe not sympathising with their behaviour, but definitely understanding it.

The premise guarantees interesting character interaction, as well as diametrically different points of view that situations can be looked at.

We say, ‘Come on guys, this is Ireland, not Laguna Beach’. Meanwhile, in Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year, Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry rubbed her bare backside against John but failed to take her flirtation any further, despite throwing in a lap dance for good measure.

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I hope the show keeps up the realism, despite the complex premise.

JEDWARD will divide into two as twin brother John and Edward Grimes look for love on MTV's new dating show.

It's not easy finding out everything you knew was all a big lie.

With so many shows coming out, I often find myself thinking that they all feel very similar.

I say surprisingly, because more often than not, in features involving a young cast, acting is a problem.

Alex Saxon and Jesse Henderson as the male love interests, were far from good in my opinion, but overall the cast was doing a fine job; even the little brother was believable, which could have been the biggest worry.

The lads told fans they're on the lookout for 'cool and spontaneous people' who accept them for who they are and are looking for a good time.

“There’s something about their puerile antics and huge blond quiffs that get some women weak at the knees.

The Lying Game follows long-lost twins Emma and Sutton.


  1. Ed O'Neill had a guest spot in the final season as an old flame of Cate's looking to relive the glory days and escape his present.

  2. When all said and done, the dating couple went out on a dream vacation which was paid by the producers.

  3. This is fruitless.” Burke also strongly advocates forgiving your ex-partner too, to “nullify the debt you feel they owe you.” Not dealing with these issues first only ensures you’ll carry excess emotional baggage into your next serious relationship.

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  6. The response in call deflection has been a resounding success.

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