Justxxx - Municipalities enabling and validating act

The Committee will receive additional and reasonable support (through the Board Secretariat) for the assembly, assessment and reporting of information, including, with the approval of the Board Chair, access to independent counsel, subject to reasonable limits on resources available to the Board of Governors for these matters.The Property Committee meets prior to each regularly scheduled Board of Governors meeting and in addition may meet at the call of the Chair as required.The Committee Chair is selected by the Board Chair, in consultation with the Board Vice-Chair and the Chair of the Governance Committee.

Municipalities are elected by the people of an administrative-territorial unit.

According to bourgeois law, they are public corporations.

It appears that construction of the two‐storey building led to a dispute as to whether consent was required from the lessor (the appellants).

The lessor ultimately refused to consent to the construction of the building and in June 2000 advised the lessee that the lease was invalid and unenforceable as a result of s.73 of the .

As a rule, municipalities consist of an executive bureaucracy and an elected council headed by a mayor or burgomaster.

Municipalities may own community enterprises, housing, and other properties.

Attendance by 35% of Property Committee members (including members) is required to establish quorum.

Minutes of Property Committee meetings are approved at the next Committee meeting or by means of electronic approval and are distributed as soon as practicable.

Focus on Real Estate - November 2010 A recent case from the British Columbia Court of Appeal confirms that leases of un‐subdivided land may be unenforceable depending on the date they were executed.

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