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How does it feel to literally see your art everywhere? Yeah, but maybe an Internet full of sad kids just identify with a morose-looking frog. I just saw some weird [group] on Facebook that I've been following called "I smoke dabs all day listening to Korn while drawing." It's like this really weird, long name, but they always post things...weirdly Republican things.

Does it ever raise issues related to artistic appropriation for you? Speaking to your other point though, where did the name Pepe come from? They'll post a picture of an alien and it'll say, like, "I don't want you or anyone in your family telepathically communicating with me again." Oh, like a "don't talk to me or my son ever again" sort of thing? I don't know, I guess some of the stuff is lost on me, but I'm still amused by it all. That's true, the Internet truly is just a vast wasteland of content.

Then I see a car coming up the drive and my daddy gets out.

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He lifts me up and holds me in his strong arms, and I feel so snug and cozy. I plead, Take me home with you, daddy, please, please. I want to go home with my daddy, I say in a baby voice as I wrap my arms around his neck. I twirl round and round on the bed, pretending I am Cinderella at the ball.

I squeal with delight when he says yes, I can go home with him; he will drop me off at Grammys on his way to work the next morning. Humming to myself, I look longingly over to mommys bed, and I ask, When will mommy be home?

Daddy replies, In a few days she will come home with a baby whose name is Gloria.

He goes on to say, Since theres going to be a new baby girl, its now time for you to be daddys big girl.

Matt Furie is an LA-based illustrator and comic artist who has the (v rare) honor of being able to call himself the creator of a universally-loved Internet meme: Pepe the Frog.

Where most memes enjoy a short-lived ubiquity (until the Internet's fickle taste crowns a new favorite, that is) Pepe has endured, transcending the usual meme lifecycle.I read somewhere that Pepe kind of grew in popularity on 4chan, which is infamous as being a site that incubates a lot of dark stuff on the Internet. [There's this photo that's] like a collection of all these Pepe heads -- somebody selected a bunch of ones -- they all looked so crude and weirdly drawn and I really liked how they just looked like they were done by children on MS paint. But I actually referenced a lot of those and made my own pattern based on those [for] an official Pepe T-shirt line. Speaking of which, why don't we talk a little bit more about merchandising this meme? Yeah, I've just been sitting on the comics for a while. But, I guess with the popularity of Pepe, I was like "Maybe people should check out the roots of him, at least." I think it's interesting that he's known as Pepe -- because that's his name in the comic and everything. Also, [it's strange because] the popular version of him online is him being really sad, but in the comic, he's literally only sad once -- in one panel.It's kind of meta -- like all of these people were bootlegging Pepe on T-shirts, so I made an official T-shirt line, but used bootlegged Pepes as the pattern for the shirt. I don't think I want one that's permanently etched on my body. And that was the one that got popular for some reason. So it's weird that the sad version of him is the one that kind of caught on.Was there a particular moment where you were like "Oh shit, Pepe has taken over the Internet"?I think I discovered it in the first wave -- this kid sent me a You Tube video.So there's Landwolf -- he's just like the archetypal party dude.


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