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Last September they called each other friends, and then Natalia posted a picture of Charlie holding 3 birds on her Instagram and captioned the same as “Wow, [email protected] on his new one man show Stranger Wings!!

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catches Natalia and Charlie at the airport, and—due to having zero chill and not knowing how to read a room—asks point-blank if they’re dating. “Whether people are dating or just hanging out, I think our cast is just cool with each other.”LOL, kay.

It is a piece of happy news for all the fans of the Stranger Things’ couple, Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton. The couple met on the set of the Stranger Things where they play the role of boyfriend-girlfriend.

The rumors had sparked early in 2016 after the first season of the show but the duo kept silence on the matter.

Their romance was confirmed in 2017, though not officially when they held their hands in the city of New York.

Yet both of them managed to evolve their relationship from co-workers to friendship and finally into love.

In an interview with Refinery29 this year, Dyer said, “It’s an interesting thing to work with somebody who you go home with.” Not only this, but Dyer also that why she decided to keep her relationship details away from public and media.

And while their relationship is extremely low-key, much like my smoldering attraction to Billy’s mullet, it’s also extremely cute. This is the first time Natalia shows up on Charlie’s Instagram account!

At this point, the fandom is thirsting, much like the Demogorgons thirsted on everyone’s internal organs in season 2, so Charlie and Natalia literally start trolling the world with matching IG posts (a year apart, but still).

They can talk things out well and work more freely.

The role of both the characters played by Charlie and Natalia are very different and diverse from each other.

The rumors had started going around about the couple in September 2016.

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