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He won numerous awards for his directing work and also won the Grammy Award for Best Soundtrack Album in 2005.

Braff directed his second film, Wish I Was Here (2014), which he partially funded with a Kickstarter campaign. His father, Harold Irwin "Hal" Braff, is a trial attorney and graduate and professor of Rutgers Law School, and his mother, Anne Brodzinsky (born Anne Hutchinson Maynard), worked as a clinical psychologist.

from writer and director Deborah Chow (it just premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival), Braff plays a drug dealer who accidentally hits a pregnant woman while driving the wrong way down a Montreal street in the dark.

Braff also attended Stagedoor Manor, a performing arts "training center" for youth actors ages 10 to 18.

It was there that he won an acting award and had his first kiss.

Stagedoor is also where Braff met actor Josh Charles, who is still a friend.

Braff also knows Stagedoor alums Natalie Portman, Mandy Moore, and Joshua Radin. D." (short for his full name of John Dorian) on the medical comedy TV series Scrubs which debuted in 2001.

ZB: I think you can tell from my own writing that I relate to loneliness and looking for company. People who are sort of lost and in a world where they are alone, even though there are people around them. ELLE: What's it like being in a relationship with Zach Braff? My girlfriend and I make up songs every day, we have dogs and sing to the dogs. So dating me, even though I'm sure there are parts of me that are neurotic and annoying, I think I'm silly.

And then they stumble across someone who is their perfect companion. We crack ourselves up sometimes because we look at each other and it's like, if someone was watching us from the outside, they'd think we were [nuts]. ELLE: Many comic actors say they crash when they go home; they're so `on' all day.

ZB: My favorite thing to do in life is to laugh with friends.

In a lot of my work, you can see that there's a dark side to my personality, an inherent melancholy that I wrestle with.

The audience wrestles with whether they even like him. We have days when we're noble and days when we're shit. ELLE: In , you embraced the same sort of realism and nuance in your screenplay. ZB: I think you just constantly have to have a really good bullshit meter and call yourself out.

This guy isn't a bad person, but his circumstances had him living a life that was not a noble one. I didn't want it to be a showy performance because he's kind of a numb guy and I didn't want it to be this epiphany and now he's altruistic. Sometimes I'll write something and literally go, `Uh, that's bullshit.' The kind of stuff I'm interested in writing is what I know, you know the old saying, write what you know.

He shot the film in his home state of New Jersey for a budget of .5 million.

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