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With so much emphasis on diversity, equality, and multiculturalism, interracial dating should no longer be taboo.

You should also be aware that during arguments the worse come out of people.

Your boyfriend or girlfriend may say things, including racial slurs or derogatory comments out of anger that could hurt you and potentially end the relationship.

Sometimes your relationship may be strong enough that you can overlook it, but if resorting to this behavior becomes a frequent event, you might want to consider if being with this person is truly worth it.

Not only during arguments can derogatory comments come out, but casual conversations may involve your partner making ignorant comments.

First, interracial dating may be frowned upon your community.

The stares and racial comments expressed by others could become too much.

Different races often have a different way of life, culture, or even religion.

If you are dark skinned and decide to date a fair skinned person, you have the opportunity to explore your differences.

There are times when they may even think that it is funny.

Again, you might want to consider whether your partner's reaction to racial differences is a sign of an ongoing concern.

So you increase your dating pool and your opportunity to marry.


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