Neil patrick harris is dating new thread

[quote]Not everyone wants to get married, and there's no reason everyone should want that.

Plus when a celebrity gets taken to the cleaners in a divorce there is the public humiliation factor - everyone laughs about how dumb they were.

But I don't think Anderson Cooper and Ricky Martin have ever even expressed a wish to marry one of their guys.

Regardless, plenty of people just aren't particularly interested in marriage.

Would somebody like David really be that fussed about taking vows himself if bf NPH was a regular guy instead of a rich celebrity?

Meanwhile there have also been allegations that both Burtka and Harris have been caught cheating on each other.

Over the last few years the pair have been living in Los Angeles while Harris has filmed the CBS sitcom, and it’s believed that Burtka felt so lost over in Hollywood that he sought the comfort of others, while Harris was constantly surrounded by available men who threw themselves at him.

(happens all the time in straight couples)Anyone else notice how all these rich gays (NPH, Ricky Martin, Anderson Cooper, etc) stay with their men for years, yet refuse to marry them?

It's obvious they care more about keeping their money than getting married.

)Like 10 years ago when they were first dating Burtka threw a fit at a theatre I worked at because the back stage door wasn't open for his arrival to meet Neil after the show!!! To me the dynamic seemed to be NPH was the shy former child star who fell for and pursued the flashier Burtka (as they said in that Oprah special)thensuddenly NPH's career took off, he kind of blossomed both personally and professionally as Burtka became the forgotten wife sitting at home.

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