Nextar gps map updating

But it is not possible to add new maps from other systems.

No extra Maps are available for the Nintendo Wii for both Black Ops and World at War call of Duty games.

You will have to upgrade your system to a PS3 or Xbox 360. You have to do the Chocobo Hot and Cold minigame, the one using the maps.

I have seen a torrent that claims to have updated maps for it but I have a 2 year warranty and am not willing to risk that.

If anyone knows how to get maps from Nextar I'd like to hear it.

I just down loaded microsofts activesync software 4.5 and I was able to transfer music from my computer to my Nextar GPS. Then copy your MP3 files from your PC to your GPS by putting them in Resident Flash/Mobile Navigator folder found after you synchronize the GPS and PC. You could maybe find it at a thrift shop or garage sale.

this actually works at least for my nextar m3-01 model 1)connect the gps to PC with Microsoft Active Sync 2)back up and edit the auto run file found in resident flash to read (WINDOWS\windowsexplorer.exe) doing this will make the gps run windows ce 5 3)Once windows is running windows instead of the gps program that comes installed which by the way you can still access from windows, you can now also run other programs like video…

It is a satellite navigation system so you shouldn't need to worry about updating it. Nextar is getting a lot of flack for not making the latest maps available but they don't really seem to care. It comes with the Navteq 2007 maps but I would like to get the 2009 updates. these cheap sob's have been promising map updates in July for 3 years map was outdated when they sold it they want u to trade up for 5.

or so for a different unit well they can kiss my A$$ I will buy one that I can update and it wont b nextar love you my mp3 I have the Nextar Navigator V7. Althought MP3 players are not popularly used anymore, you could probably find the Nextar MP3 player through the Internet on sites such as amazon or e Bay.

Nextar is a Brazilian company focused on changing the way that small and medium-sized stores manage their businesses.

We’ve been into the POS Software Business for 17 years now, and we have already helped several companies to grow.

You need to do an upgrade and pay for the service if you want to get new updated maps.

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