Nichkhun yoona dating 2016

For K-pop idols, their hairstyle is one of the things that always gain public attention.

Tiffany, like the rest, has tried many hairstyles, either short, long, or in between.

Now, I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I was completely shocked. These two are from the most famous groups of both agencies, and since KARA’s Hara and B2ST’s Junhyung, we haven’t had an Idol couple this big actually CONFIRM their relationship!

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– Taeyeon said she didn’t want to be the leader at first because she thought that SNSD shouldn’t have a leader since 6/9 girls are born in the same year. – Sunny and Sooyoung voted Taeyeon to the be the most popular among the members. – Since April 2012 she is part of the subgroup “TTS” together with band members Tiffany and Seohyun.

(Strong Heart) – She is short-sighted so she wears contact lens. – On October 2015, she released the album “I”, making Taeyeon the first SNSD member to have a solo debut.

Entertainment on 9 October 2017 but for now, their departure from SNSD wasn’t confirmed. – Her nicknames are: Taeng, Taengoo (Taeng9), Tete, Kid Leader, Byun Taeng (pervert Taeng), Jum Taeng – Her music talent comes from her parents.

– She was cast in 2004 SM 8th Annual Best Contest (Best Singer 1st Place Grand Award).

While posting it on her Instagram account, she wrote the caption, “note2self – keep dreaming Steph”. After being rumored for a long time, in April 2014, Tiffany confirmed that she was dating 2PM’s Nichkhun. After being good friends for a long time, they started dating.

It was revealed that Tiffany and Nichkhun were originally friends for many years because they both lived in the U. “Since Tiffany and Nichkhun are top Hallyu stars, they have been meeting very carefully.

But, then her family moved back to South Korea because of the Gulf War.

– She has 2 older sisters (Lee Eun-kyu, Lee Jin-kyu).

Because Tiffany came here after living in the United States and has an easygoing personality, she is not hesitant when it comes to skinship.” However, on July 2017, Tiffany was rumored to be dating GRAY again, but it was still denied by both agencies.

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