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“Nick, you’re going to be a speaker,” the janitor had said.

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Three months later, during his first speech in front of six students, arranged by the observant janitor, Vujicic simply started to speak from the heart. At 21, he went all-in on becoming a public speaker.

With no marketing skills and no knowledge of anyone who had made a career of being a speaker, Vujicic started cold-calling public schools until one of them invited him to speak.

And the doors keep opening: “It’s wonderful to give back to the world, but what we must understand is who we are with the people around us first.

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Still, for Vujicic, who we are as a person is more important than any other achievement.

He underlined that if we anchor our happiness to temporary things like drugs, sex, fame, and fortune, our maximum happiness will be equally temporary.It took him a while to hone his sales pitch, though.After being refused by 52 schools, he kept improving and improving his technique.This time, for 20 minutes and in front of 500 students.To this day, having never spent any money on marketing, Vujicic has been asked by 35,000 people to speak at their events.Though he struggled with physical disabilities, Vujicic explained to his audience that the real limitations that hold us back are in our minds.


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