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After spending so long filming in chilly Britain, he is now looking forward to warmer climes.

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My sister, Claudia, got a part in Casualty recently where she was also playing a heroin addict – my mum was like: “F***ing hell, what have I brought up with you two ’ere?

” Obviously, you’d rather play something that was totally different from yourself…’ It was Claudia who persuaded him to go to acting class at the age of 15. ‘Hollyoaks is where I learnt a lot of the craft, being in front of a camera six days a week,’ says Mirallegro.

Mirallegro performed major roles in the BBC Radio 4 dramas Orpheus and Eurydice (2015), and 79 Birthdays (2016).

Among his award nominations are those for Best Actor, BBC Audio Drama Awards (2016, for Orpheus and Eurydice), and Best Supporting Actor, British Academy (BAFTA) Television Award (2014, for The Village)".

"Hollyoaks is where I learnt a lot of the craft, being in front of a camera six days a week. He portrayed a young footman called Johnny Proude, who took up a position in service to escape the poverty of the northern mining town where he was born.

The BBC re-commissioned the production for a second series Mirallegro also starred in HBO's Virtuoso, directed and partially written by Alan Ball.

Among his films are Six Minutes of Freedom (2010), Wheels of Fortune (2011), Spike Island (2012), Anita B.

(2014), Shooting for Socrates (2014), Cold Comfort (2014), A Gun (2014), The Pass (2016) (reprising his 2014 stage role), Cardboard Boy (2016), and The Habit of Beauty (2016).

‘There was a light drizzle and it was windy, which added to the coldness and grimness,’ laughs the half-Sicilian actor. ‘I’m a lot more normal in real life,’ Mirallegro reassures me.

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