No membership webcam

Due to new requirements under this bill, individual notaries will not be able to afford to develop a similar technology.

The market will be monopolized by a handful of technology companies.

HB 3309 micromanages the electronic notarization process and is designed to benefit high-tech companies.

There is no need for expensive, complex high-tech equipment as required by HB 3309.

Webcam notarizations bound by the technology required in this bill will eliminate the need for thousands of notaries in the State of Texas, notaries who are your constituents.

HB 3309 will allow only a few high-tech companies to perform remote notarizations from a few remote locations (similar to calling centers).

Simply connect this HD webcam to your computer and video chat instantly with Skype™, Windows® Messenger or your favorite IM application!

Eliminate background noise and be heard clearly with the built-in noise-canceling microphone.

Furthermore, how can a notary ensure that an identification card is not tampered with without actually physically inspecting? Point 2 - California, Florida, Nevada, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, Ohio, Oregon, Wisconsin and other states have issued alerts, laws, or statements that the use of webcam notarization is illegal in these states.

The Ohio Secretary of State even issued a "scam alert" about webcam notarization.

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