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Unlike standard diet books, it actually makes the reader laugh out loud with its truthful, smart-mouthed revelations.Behind all the attitude, however, there's solid guidance.It’s also a popular form of relationship therapy – and is even used to help build confidence in dating and starting over after a split.

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One of the best ways to do this is apparently with CBT, which stands for cognitive behavioural therapy and not, as one friend who’s a member of the BDSM community recently assumed, ‘Cock & Ball Torture’. CBT is a form of psychotherapy originally designed to treat depression, but now used for a wide range of issues – from panic attacks to problems with low self-esteem.

It helps to change unhelpful thinking and patterns of unhealthy behaviour, replacing these with new habits that can actually help us.

A lot of that is really clichéd and it almost always involves the man at the center of things.” A related trend is the hookup culture that has sprung up thanks to dating apps like Tinder and Grindr.

“It’s difficult to have good sex with strangers, especially if you’ve had very little communication beforehand,” Coles said.

[Veronica explained the following about the brain]: developmental molecular biologist Dr John Medina has studied the impact of stress on the brain and found that being in a bad relationship, long term, is akin to sleeping in the same bed as a sabere tooth tiger. This is because our brains are built to deal with stress that lasts about thirty seconds – enough time for the sabre tooth tiger to eat us or for us to run away.

What we’re not built for is prolonged stress, which has been proven to make us sick and even shrink our brains. So while it’s normal to get stressed or angry, if you’re always stressed or angry, you need to make a change.’ Veronica tells me that the key to success in relationships is the same as the key to success in ‘life generally’: ‘it’s knowing how you’re wired’.

Freedman and Bamouin speak to the reader like a friend who isn't afraid to tell you what's on her mind.

They back up their arguments by citing study after study and take the technical talk out of the discussion so as to make a more easily digested point.

In the same vein as Fast Food Nation, there are graphic descriptions of factory farming and unsanitary dairy farm practices.

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