Norinco sks dating

China decided to further expand production by adding more factories.

The majority of these factories were small and they were scattered throughout the country to aid the local economies.

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October 1st, 1949 was the birth of a new nation, the People's Republic of China (PRC).

China was the leading provider of small arms to North Vietnam and the war had a big impact on her production.

If there was ever a major war that the Chinese SKS was recognized to have played a significant supporting role, this would be the war.

I have a Norinco SKS and am having trouble dating it. Does the "91" before the "081XX" serial number indicate that it was made in 1991?

China has been manufacturing SKS for over 50 years producing more SKS than any other nation.

It had little time to rebuild when they were drawn into another war the following year.

When China entered the Korean War in support of her communist neighbour, her army was still equipped with captured WWII Japanese, American and Nationalist built rifles along with donated Russian small arms.

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Aka factory 26. China did not have a long history of firearms manufacturing.

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