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Mayen said the president has the prerogative to appoint the government and becomes legal after it is approved by the parliament, which happened on Wednesday.

The state minister said greater Bor has one ministerial position today but pointed out that Jonglei state had other appointees.

The chairperson of the Greater Bor Community, Micheal Makuei Lueth told Sudan Tribune on Wednesday that his community is happy with the formation of the new cabinet and said the appointees from the area are committed to work with the government.

Panjak and Akobo both have two ministerial positions from their communities.

He said the time will come when greater Bor will have two or three minister, while others have none.

Another Bor youth group, under the interim chairmanship of Simon Thon Ayuen, unanimously and strongly dismissed the assertions made by the Juba-based Dinka Bor Youth as an unfair representation of Dinka Bor opinion.

“We call upon the president of the republic of South Sudan, the citizens of South Sudan and the people of Bor community in particular to disregard the claims" of the Juba-based youth group.

The new chief whip, Atem Garang, the former deputy speaker of the National Assembly in Khartoum, is also from the area.

Like other politicians from South Sudan Atem Garang lost his position in the power sharing Khartoum government after the South seceded.

A statement from the group said the allegation that Dinka Bor were being marginalised was baseless and "deserved no support of the Youth of Bor County”, a statement from the group said.

“In fact, the formation of the cabinet is fairly represented as all the regions, states and ethnicities in South Sudan have been recognised”, said one of the groups members.

The state minister of agriculture in Jonglei, Mayen Ngor cast-off the claims of youth in Juba and expressed his affirmation that the make-up of the government was fair.

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