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Phone number, e-mail, user id, cell phone handset id (IMEI), and so on—it's all the same.

The restrictions against this are policy based, not technically based, and can change at any time.

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Kimberly Dozier, the Associated Press’ intelligence correspondent, asked how Snowden responded to American government officials calling him a “traitor.” US officials say this every time there's a public discussion that could limit their authority.

US officials also provide misleading or directly false assertions about the value of these programs, as they did just recently with the Zazi case, which court documents clearly show was not unveiled by PRISM.

1) More detail on how direct NSA's accesses are is coming, but in general, the reality is this: if an NSA, FBI, CIA, DIA, etc.

analyst has access to query raw SIGINT databases, they can enter and get results for anything they want.

"I did not reveal any US operations against legitimate military targets," he wrote.

"I pointed out where the NSA has hacked civilian infrastructure such as universities, hospitals, and private businesses because it is dangerous.

Snowden gave more details about exactly how NSA encryption works and how the public debate was progressing from his point of view.

Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who first broke Snowden’s story, noted that the chat was “subject to Snowden's security concerns and also his access to a secure Internet connection. “Properly implemented strong crypto systems are one of the few things that you can rely on.

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It is possible that he will appear and disappear intermittently, so if it takes him a while to get through the questions, please be patient.” A reader named Mathius1 asked a question probably on the minds of many Ars readers: “Is encrypting my e-mail any good at defeating the NSA surveillance? Unfortunately, endpoint security is so terrifically weak that NSA can frequently find ways around it.” Another reader asked, "So far are things going the way you thought they would regarding a public debate?


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