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I felt bad that she didn't get one until she was 14," Rusk said.

"But now, I'm like, 'Oh, was that really a good choice?

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'"You try to shield your kids from that crap," she said, "and it just pops up."I'm so ticked off," she said, repeating for emphasis, "so ticked off."Molly's dad, Donovan Hall, bought a new phone at a Sprint retailer in Davison in December, but sent the device back because it wasn't working.

A refurbished Sprint HTC One M8 phone – not the new phone he had originally paid for – arrived last week"This was supposed to be a Christmas present, not a disaster," he said.

Last winter, a Los Angeles woman filed suit against the wireless giant alleging a worker at a Sprint factory in Kentucky found her intimate couples photos and posted two of them on Facebook.

The lawsuit plaintiff, who sued for invasion of privacy and identity theft, said she had been promised the phone would be wiped clean.

A metro Detroit family wants more answers about how hundreds of sexually explicit photos ended up on their 14-year-old daughter's smartphone – a Christmas gift they said turned into a disaster.

(Photo via Creative Commons)____________________________A metro Detroit teen can't unsee the the images seared into her mind when she used her new smartphone, a late Christmas gift from her dad, last week: Hundreds of nude photos of a couple in sexually explicit scenes that, as a 14-year-old, Molly Hall is too young to see in a movie theater."I saw the new stuff and I was like, 'What is this? "It was gross, I was very mortified."Molly was one of the last kids in her group to get a smartphone as her parents tried to shield her from the darker side of social technology, said her mom, Lindsey Rusk."So many kids now have smartphones and …

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