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She is a 30-year-old badass who has done multiple obstacle course races and ran her 41st Tough Mudder event when she competed in the 2018 World's Toughest Mudder event in Atlanta.I had the absolute honor of meeting Jessica Martin for the first time this summer, at the Spartan Hurricane Heat in Washougal, Washington.Nicole has fought her way back from a battle with Lupus and a broken heel to continue trail racing and OCR.

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But I never thought about what would happen after I did my first race.

Whilst I never thought past my first race, I’m now five years into obstacle course racing and can’t help but look ahead with excitement, and sometimes, a little trepidation….

OCR is both incredibly tight knit, yet welcoming, and it’s not a facade.

Maybe there’s something in the mud, or the struggle, but we’re all in it together.

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Contact us if you experience any difficulty logging in.This cute little moniker actually describes those purple and red blotches that appear on your body in the hours and days following an OCR; sometimes in places you didn’t even think could get bruised.At first you may feel a little embarrassed of your “kisses”, and explaining to your co-workers that no, you didn’t get mugged, and yes you paid for this doesn’t help.She truly pushes herself at every event, and is not afraid to decide the night before to make the trek to an event.Next up in my Badass Women of OCR article series, meet Jah Lisa James.When I took on my first Obstacle Course Race I didn’t think much past the actual event.

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