Ocs presence not updating

shruti, anything that inserts the above code into the markup of the webpage should accomplish the task.The easier ways would be to put the code above into the markup of the aspx or ascx file.Because of the Active X integration, it doesn't work in Chrome, Fire Fox, etc. @Brian, if you have a Share Point server, the and files should be located in the corresponding locations mentioned above (note you'll need to change the name of the server to match your Share Point server).

So I suppose I need to get the x and y coords of the iframe and then apply these to the presence icon ?

Or, what is the id or class of the presence icon, so I could add CSS manually ? Have tried using local copies of the SP scripts, referencing them as our SP server. Thought perhaps it might be a cross domain issue, but can't get it to work localhost, dev server or live server.

Is there a way to debug and step through the IMNRC function call? Such a pity that the Lync SDK only supports Silverlight and MVC apps and not good old web forms.

:( David C, I haven't tried making the details show up automatically so I not sure if something exists in the API to do this or not.

To get some ideas you may want to look at WPF presence controls id=18898 Hi, When I implement this code I get the OCS presence indicator icons (circle) and the OCS drop down to show details, how do I get the Lync interface on icons and detail window? Best regards Martin @Martin, Almost all of the heavy lifting for displaying the icons and the details window is handled by the product installed on the end-user machine.

Therefore, if you have Communicator installed on your machine, you should get the Communicator icons/popup.There may be a solution out there that works in Fire Fox and Chrome, but I am not aware of one.I had this working with Sharepoint 2007, but we've upgraded to 2010 and it no longer works. One difference is that I don't have the Adams, Jacob L. I'm just displaying the user name without the anchor tag.For our situation, it was easier to change things not to use an iframe that to try to fix the positioning code.Richard, If my memory serves me correctly, either the or should contain the IMNRC call.Use HMTL and Java Script to Display Presence Controls in Share Point 2007 When you have Microsoft Office Communicator or Lync installed, and you visit a Share Point site, you will get these presence indicators next to peoples’ names These indicators (or jelly beans as they are affectionately called) show whether the person is available, in a meeting, out of the office, on a call, etc.


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