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“Gender norms still exist in a huge way, and a woman taking a younger male lover is both a slap in the face to that gendered norm, as well as a power-move,” says Engle.So if women are confidently backhanding gender norms by heading to bed with younger men, what’s all the reservation Sullivan is seeing over at about?

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Whether more women aren’t dating younger men due to societal stigma, the rumored uselessness of all men under 33 or some other reason you haven’t even considered, any one woman may have as many reasons to date a younger guy as the next woman has to avoid it. In the end, we just want to be with someone who makes us laugh and who gets us.” That said, a normal age-to-maturity-level ratio and something separating your mattress from the floor can’t hurt.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference.

According to Engle, while women may be going to bed with younger men, that dynamic doesn’t tend to have much longevity outside the bedroom.

“I think we’re starting to move into a new world of sexy older women taking younger male lovers, but it hinges more on the sex aspect than the potential to be in a serious relationship,” says Engle.

While Sullivan maintains that societal stigma is the “top catalyst” for women to resist pursuing relationships with younger men, that may not be the whole story.

Although Engle calls the common notion of women maturing faster than men “a bit overblown,” she does note that many women seeking hetero relationships may be more likely to find their emotional and intellectual equal in an older partner.

frames this issue as particularly pressing among straight women who may secretly prefer to date younger male partners, with only 78 percent women pursuing a younger partner compared to 89 percent of men.

While this may not be the “whopping” statistical gap makes it out to be, it’s notable that measurably fewer women seek younger partners.

Based on the love stories between hundreds of uneven-aged couples, there at least four reasons why young women may prefer men who are a decade older: Older guys are usually successful, good-looking, and suave, which means they can land any woman of their age.

So why is dating someone younger still so popular among guys over 40?

From the early days, younger women have been attracted to older men and vice versa.

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