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The women in the Philippines that you have been talking to for a few days or even weeks suddenly has emergency in the family.

Perhaps she has become sick and needs medicine or a storm has caused damage to where she lives and needs repairs.

Every year men from the United States and other Western countries go online trying to find the perfect Filipina lady to date.

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In this scam, the scammer (who may be male or female) sends the man a message or greeting on the dating website.

The scammers profile will show pictures of a very pretty young woman (usually stolen or copied from a real person’s profile).

Once on video they offer to strip or do sexual acts on camera in return for payment.

Basically they are using the dating site to acquire new customers for their live porn acts.

But there are scammers lurking on those online dating websites as well.

On a good reputable website like Filipina Cupid or Christian Filipina, the honest and sincere girls far exceed the scammers.

The man then responds on the dating website and may start a conversation.

The scammer will attempt to get the man’s email address to further communicate.

The Cam girl scam is a short term scam that reveals itself very quickly.

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