Online sex hookups in manila

Kojax & XOXO used to both be open 7 days, now they split the week. They’re not allowed to be seen doing this so be discreet. This is different to Angeles City where you pay upfront 2500-3500, or Cebu where you pay upfront 3500-4000, and then do not pay the girl after sex. 6500 pesos, which is 120 USD, or 4000 baht, slightly more than a Bangkok gogo bar (700 baht barfine, 2500-3000 to the girl, 170-200 per lady drink, 150 a beer).One time staff were watching so my girl went to the CR, wrote her number on a piece of paper, hid it in her bra, then slipped it to me mid lap-dance.

In fact, girlie bars are one of the places where to find easy sex in Manila.

The 3 types if girlie bars in Manila are: This guide will give a quick overview of the 5 best girly bars in Manila where you can pick up girls for sex, starting with…

Besides, Manila nightlife is one of the best in South East Asia.

There are posh clubs and bars filled almost every night with easy girls and considerably cheaper booze compared to other Asian cities.

The hottest bargirls I’ve found in Manila were at Kojax bar on Badajos Street, in the P Burgos red light district of Makati. Manila is two payments, Thailand style, and is more expensive. It’s 2-3x the cost of Angeles City gogo bars, and in Manila there are places to find cheaper prostitutes – on the street around P Burgos, Royal disco, ZZYZX disco, the EDSA gogo bars, etc. However some of the hottest Filipinas I have ever seen with were working at Kojax, so I begrudgingly paid the $120 at Kojax / XOXO, ten times.

Open Fri-Sun, and Mon-Thu the downstairs bar ‘XOXO’ is open, same owner, same girls. Usually you’ll need to buy at least one lady drink to make the girl feel comfortable, these cost 300, 350 or 400 depending on the type. Four times I was able to get the girl’s contact info and avoid the barfine.So, while you are shopping in Robinson mall, don’t forget to stop by for a coffee 🙂 You most definitely will find hot girls to pick up in any of the girlie bars in Manila.But you should be careful about your drinks bill as some bar tends to rip off customers, especially when they are drunk.Don’t expect them to dance or perform any sexy move as they stand there waiting to be picked up by customers.The most attractive girls don’t come on stage until later in the night around 9 pm.Their daily salary is low too, as is the cut from each lady drink, many Filipina bargirls barely breakeven on the taxi fares to and from work if they aren’t barfined. So with a sneakout you end up only paying 3000 () plus drinks.


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