Otzi the iceman dating

There is some later provenance to support this theory, namely among Polynesians.The word tattoo actually derives from the Polynesian word , or the first tattoo, originated from two Fijian women, Taema and Tilafaiga.

Most scholars now agree that Ötzi died around 3250 BCE and is the oldest tattooed mummy.

Once scholars fully analyzed the El Morro mummy and Ötzi, two interesting theories emerged about the meanings of tattoos in history.

Initially, scientists dated the mummy to 8,000 years Before Present.

Located on the upper lip of the mummy, just to either side of the nose, are a series of black dots that form what seems to resemble a thin mustache.

Konrad Spindler, an archaeologist in Innsbruck, examined the remains.

The initial dating performed by Spindler indicated that the mummy was approximately 4,000 years old.

Researchers also noted a strange correlation between the placement of Ötzi’s body marks and evidence of physical degeneration.

The man suffered from a variety of physical ailments which included osteochondrosis, a debilitating joint disorder.

Archaeologists were subsequently summoned to the site and recovered 96 bodies, most of which were remarkably preserved.

The bodies belonged to the Chinchorro culture, and it was also determined that the mummification of most of these bodies was deliberate.

A local law enforcement officer attempted to extract the body from the ice with crude tools.


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