Outer banks dating personal ads

I've also been out on the point in Jan and Feb when there was snow blowing across the sand.was pretty cool.You'll enjoy Nov as much as any other time I'm sure Ron The only thing our group feels "entitled" to is a clean house.

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I just started my countdown at 10 days and I leave for the OBX on Friday!!! I used t live 2 hours away from Cape Point so I've been the in Nov.

It gets chilly with the wind blowing and the surf is pretty rugged, but fishing is good.

I can't wait to just get out of town and smell that salt air!!! The only thing you may regret further down the road is the number megapixels.

With 3.2MP, there will be times when it shows in an 8x10 enlargement.

“You can’t say, ‘No you can’t do that in this town. So there are ways it can be restricted.”Hunt said that customers have been all stripes, ranging from older married couples looking to spice things up to young dating singles to couples about to be married, as well as members of wedding parties looking for silly party favors.“We haven’t had any real negative comments from people coming in here and saying ‘You’re going to go to hell,’ ” he said.

Hunt, operator of Leather & Lace stores in Chesapeake and Norfolk, said he saw opportunity in the Outer Banks bridal market, but with less edgy, more couples-friendly merchandise.

Going down to the OBX during my kids' spring break week (week of April 4th).

Spending 3 nights in Nags Head at the cottage we usually stay in during the summer.

You see things happening in the surf that don't usually happen at any other time of the year.

Like giant schools of menhadded, so large that they wash up on the beach with every wave.

With a cheerful disposition and friendly nature, we're sure that you will be happy with your choice.

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