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During this phase of their relationship, Caitlin and James explored their common fascination.

Caitlin described to James how, as a 6-year-old, she had seen a very lovely woman in a wheelchair at a store.

She would have preferred her wheelchair but she was too close to the university and her apartment and she didn't want her secret discovered.

t was a Saturday afternoon when Caitlin walked through the mall near her apartment.

As Caitlin strolled from store to store, she reflected on her encounter of a few days ago.

Caitlin was extremely careful to not move her legs while talking with James and had concocted a story about "partial paralysis" from a viral infection of the spinal cord.

James had, Caitlin noted, been very interested in her legs and her story and it was all she could do to keep him from taking her out that night.

Caitlin was nearly in tears as she told James just how obsessed she was about becoming a paraplegic. Long a devotee of women with spinal cord injuries, he had grown to want to be a wheelchair-dependent paraplegic.

Needless to say, the two agreed to see each other again, that night.

That had been at a different mall, further from home.

She had taken her wheelchair out that time; wheelchairs and paraplegics had long fascinated Caitlin.

This time, both rode their wheelchairs and went to an out of the way restaurant.

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