Parents already dating

Great tips for Ooh La Lips Gloss is a great way to have shine without too much color.

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Then pout your lips and apply with your finger or the application wand.

Start to apply from the inside out in a tapping motion. Look at this event as just the first of many opportunities to show his parents that he’s made a great choice in you.

So paying attention to the details of your look is key.

The shoes, purse and jewelry you choose can convey that you know quality when you see it.

It’s not about going out and buying something new or expensive; it’s about putting together items that indicate you have a discerning eye.

After all, parents want to feel that the woman who is dating their son has good taste.

The base shade should be a light shade, to give your eyes an even, softly bright appearance, while the accent shade should be darker to add a touch of contrast.

Start by sweeping the base shade all over the lid..

But remember you want his family to get to know you, not to get distracted by your ensemble.

The Accessories First and foremost, you want to convey refinement, style and taste at this important crossroads.

A unique or bright purse can be the perfect way to add a bit of sass to your outfit.


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