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Moderators: Vince Genella, Martone, Jason Davis NITEFLY GUITARS Perhaps the finest American made bolt-on neck guitar, the Nite Fly guitar is certainly the most versatile. Moderators: Vince Genella, Martone, Jason Davis Custom Parker Guitars Do you own a Fly Supreme, Fly Artist, Nylon Fly, Bronze Fly or a Parker Custom Shop guitar? He will be answering your questions and discussing our products.

This man continues to impress with just how boneheaded Dustin seems like a really nice guy who got to say maybe two words the entire season, which is unfortunate but not unusual this season. made no impression on us whatsoever, and then Hannah announced that he had to leave.

Maybe he can secure a spot in Paradise to prove he's a really nice guy?

Also if you have an upcoming Gig, tell us all about it! Whatever happens is between the seller and the buyer. Moderators: Vince Genella, Martone, Jason Davis, usmcs Show Us Your Parker Use this section to post pics of your favorite Parker guitars. This is a forum to show your passion for Parkers and to see others' Parker collections. Moderators: Vince Genella, Martone, Jason Davis Testing Forums This forum gives you a chance to become more familiar with how the forum responds to different features and keeps testing in one place instead of posting tests all over.

Moderators: Vince Genella, Martone, Jason Davis PARKER CLASSIFIEDS Have a Parker guitar to sell?

Moderators: Vince Genella, Martone, Jason Davis FLY GUITARS Talk about the revolutionary and innovative Fly Series guitars here.

If you have a technical question, please use the Tech section of the Forum. Moderators: Vince Genella, Martone, Jason Davis Artist Q&A #1 - Dave Martone Dave Martone will be featured in the Parker Artist forum from now through next week.Please note that this topic area is not for Customer Service and/or Technical Support.If you are having an issue with your Parker Guitar, it is highly recommended that you contact Parker's Customer Service at 1-800-877-6863 or [email protected] forum will then be locked for the weekend to give Dave some time to answer 20 of the posted questions.His responses will be posted in a locked forum the following Tuesday, February 22 at AM CST for all to read and enjoy.Jed is still at the top, but who's at the very bottom? Even though they were absolutely terrified, he and Hannah went naked bungee jumping, and then had a really good conversation over dinner.


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