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by the way you artest brown and d-fish are my favortie players.

by habeeb-judaunahmar pau To excuse but this photo is of the year 2006 and now apparently it(he,she) does not have girlfriend(fiancée) it is what we know here in españa, in last spring she(it) was related by one of our actresses international Elsa Pataki.

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In fact studies (Coca-cola 2013) have shown that there is one bar for every 132 inhabitants. His arm will go around your back and hold you; one quick kiss will be planted on your right cheek and then another on your left, this will be combined with a long hug, a pat on your back and to finish with a quick, complete, body scan (just like if you were going through customs again). It’s just too hot to eat those type of foods, anyway.

In other words, there are about 350,000 bars to choose from. This ritual will be repeatedwhen you say goodbye at the end of the evening. But he will impress you with a paella for thirty or a 10 kg Spanish potato omelette.

Just don’t expect any Justin Timberlake or Michael Jackson moves.

The closest you’ll get will be someone trying to imitate Joaquin Cortés (A famous Spanish flamenco dancer, native from Cordoba, Spain).

He finished up first in Barcelona within their group, and afterwards from the seniors.

He left the University and wished to be a physician but had a change of heart.

Since antiquity Spanish have produced dry-cured hams.

The first written references date back to the Roman Empire. So if you’re a bit particular regarding your personal space, let me tell you now, by day two of group hugs and kisses, any peculiarities will have gone with the wind!

So of course your Spanish date will not be ready to hit the sack until the early hours of the morning…

Time to get your dancing shoes on…And if he hasn’t, he’ll give it his best shot!

He was attracted a move to some other group: Los Angeles Lakers by February 2008.


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