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In SOAP, the enumeration values are marshalled as names, such as None, rather than integers.

As a result, the values of the enumerations in the client may not match the values of the enumerations used by the server, since they are specified in the web service’s WSDL.

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By gathering user requirements for this “mini"-projects, you can merge the two to create a process that is universally accepted and acknowledged.

The word intimate is an adjective or noun but you are using it as a verb. intimate (ˈɪntɪˌmeɪt) vb (tr; may take a clause as object) 1.

You are simply specifying what user name you want to see in the brief history format.

Both your user name and Other User are recorded in the changeset data, so that you can always determine who checked in the changes.

So, most converters will not want to have the server validate the checkin owner (author).

Also for the conversion scenario, you will likely want to suppress checkin events on the server.

All of the above discussion also applies to the class in the version control API.

I have copied the method signature and its documentation below.

Another important scenario is for converting an existing system over to Team Foundation Server.

For version control, you would like the history in TFS to reflect who actually made the changes, rather than the account used for the conversion.

It also enables transparency of the project on all levels and can help you gauge whether there are any problems in the pipeline and to plan accordingly. Sit down all members of your team and brainstorm how you can effectively do this as a team.


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