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After ordering we munched on chips and salsa and got another pitcher of margaritas while continuing to conversate. “I told you that I was never married.” I’m far from a prude, but neither am I a man whore and I was more than a bit shocked at this revelation.

Dinner arrived and I honestly have no clue what was said to get her on this next topic because neither sex nor anything sexual was ever brought up. I looked over at her with bewilderment and took a long drink of my margarita.

Right after I put a bite of chile relleno in my mouth, as if on cue, my date very casually mentioned that she was a virgin. Actually I drained the glass and was pouring another as I asked, “So. ” The Virgin went on to explain that she had never been married, had been in only one serious relationship and that she was Catholic which meant that she knew it was a sin to have sexual relations outside of marriage. Joes.” I know that I’m gonna sound like an ass when I say this, but the next thing that went through my mind was, “I guess I’m not going Mexican tonight.” Somehow we managed to change topics and finish our meal.

Back in the day (late 2009-mid 2010) I blogged about some pretty memorable dates and I figured I would pull one out of the vault, touch it up and share it with you. Or Passover, depending on your religious preference.

I haven’t written about any crazy dating stories in quite a while because I’ve got a rad chick in my life (my Muse) and there aren’t crazy dating stories because she lives 3,000 miles away from my Southern California home.

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Should you have a question or problem whilst in the chat rooms, please double click on an Op's nickname to talk to him/her in private. As a member of these depression chat rooms it is expected that you use a single nickname.I told her not to take my question the wrong way, but asked if she knew the reputation that Catholic schoolgirls have. I was planning my next move when the Virgin reached over and took my hand.The Virgin told me she had heard that some “engage in relations” before they’re married but didn’t know they had a reputation. As she did I looked over and saw that perma-smile still on her face.She had one of those perma-smiles on her face as she walked into my office for the first time.We met online and chatted a few times before deciding to go out and this was the night. ” She asked if she could meet me at my office, which was halfway between her place and the Happiest Place on Earth.A simple, "May I PM or an environment that may be disturbing to others. The glorification of suicidal thoughts, self injury text, or links, will not be tolerated.


  1. It’s the most effective way to go from first message to first date – and, perhaps, to lasting love.

  2. Her father Kenneth was an African-American jazz musician and Pentecostal minister and was formerly a professor at Wesleyan University.

  3. Chatting with these unknown people via random stranger chat in and out is amazing.

  4. Would you be thrilled to see Poison Ivy join a future live-action DC film?

  5. The absence of a political persuasion can also be a red flag, especially as many people prefer to date those with similar views. Save their profile picture, upload it to Google, and see if it shows up in multiple places.

  6. If it doesn’t work out, there is always another one game you can try.

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